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🥇1st Grand Price | Fitness Shares™- Magnetic Therapy Bracelet (Unisex)  (15 Pcs) ~ 80 Entries Each

🥇2nd Grand Price | Fitness Shares™ – Copper Weight Loss Ring (12 Pcs) ~ 110 Entries Each

🥇3rd Grand Price | Fitness Shares™- Slimming Body Shaper (10 Pcs) ~ 160 Entries Each 

🥇4th Grand Price | Fitness Shares™- Yoga Elastic Resistance Bands (8 Pcs) ~ 220 Entries Each 

🥇5th Grand Price | Fitness Shares™ – Full Set Resistance Bands (5 Pcs) ~ 300 Entries Each

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Maria John

The FitnessShares customer service is among the best I’ve experienced. I had an issue with an item and they sent a replacement really fast. Communication was very friendly and positive. Apart from that faulty item, everything I’ve bought from them has been great quality! Would highly recommend!

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